Who We Are

Since 2000, gTECHserv has provided business owners and IT professionals peace of mind: Taking on the tedious responsibilities associated with network management.

Security focused IT solutions that offer flexibility without compromising data integrity

Your IT Infrastructure Managed, and Secured

Founder: Brian Goddard

Through the ROTC program, Brian earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from The Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). He served 8 years in the United States Army as a Signal Corps Officer and deployed to Iraq with the 82nd Airborne during Operation Desert Storm.

Fulfilling his commission, Brian entered the public sector and applied his leadership skills to restructuring and consolidating Corporate IT networks. He recognized the growing need for outsourced IT services and consulting in modern business—Goddard Technical Services (DBA: gTECHserv) was his answer.  

His goal was to start a company where individuals that love technology could grow their skills and passions all while delivering an enterprise class solution.

Today gTECHserv has helped hundreds of clients and thousands of individuals maintain, manage, and secure their complex technological needs as well foster a welcoming work environment that prioritizes its employees and customers.