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Our Proven Solutions

gFACTORpro Managed: Does your company need full IT support? Let gTECHserv handle everything! From Virtual CIO services to installing your new printer, our proven solution will solve all your IT needs!

gFACTORpro Partner: Has your company already made the investment in an IT department or professional? Why not imbue them with “Superpowers” and maximize your ROI? This Co-Managed platform gives your team the full power of gFACTORpro, allowing them to offload the un-fun parts of managing a network. Now they can focus on implementing new technologies to make your business grow.

gFACTORpro Client: Is your company looking for help with a project or just a single service? We offer standalone subscriptions and project management services. Leverage gTECHserv ‘s long-standing partnerships with top industry-ranked software providers for backup, network management, next gen security, and more. You deserve the best and that is what we offer.

gFACTORpro Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, CMMC—the list goes on. Do you need help obtaining or maintaining compliance? Our specialists have experience in generating seamless strategies which swiftly bring organizations into compliance.

What is gFACTORpro?

The Short Story

A collection of industry leading software and network management tools typically reserved for Enterprise all at a fair price.

The Long Story

gTECHserv has packaged a total solution with gFACTORpro that solves any business’s IT needs from Cybersecurity, Proactive/Reactive Support, Cloud and Vendor Management, 365/Azure/Local IAM Administration, Network/Security Assessment, PIN Testing, Next Gen Firewall, EDR, Backup of Local and Cloud data, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and more…

The gFACTORpro solution is always growing and improving as changes to Industry, Regulations, Cybersecurity, and World Events. Providing our clients the tools, security, and support at a reasonable price.